Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Downtime: Don't Let It Happen To You!

A manufacturer’s worst enemy is downtime. When a critical piece of machinery breaks down it’s a race against time to get the plant back up and running. Paul, the Maintenance Manager at a large foam manufacturing plant in Guilford County, North Carolina, relies on TEAMSESCO to keep his factory running. “My job is evaluated by the total number of hours the plant runs a year. If any aspect of the plant shuts down then it affects how management perceives my job performance. It doesn’t matter what type of failure I have, I call TEAMSESCO! If I lose an inverter, motor, electronic board, or a total control system I call TEAMSESCO. Recently I lost all of my production lines. There were control failures on both of our main production lines. I called TEAMSESCO and within 20 minutes there was a service technician at my plant. After thirty minutes of troubleshooting we had fifty percent of the plant up and running. Ninety minutes later we were back in full production. I cannot afford to have a different vendor for each different type of service when all I need is TEAMSESCO to handle it all.” At TEAMSESCO our goal is to partner with all of our customers to provide their industrial service needs.