Thursday, November 29, 2012

TEAMSESCO’s Quality Commitment

At TEAMSESCO we are committed to your satisfaction and as part of our continuous quality improvement efforts we have recently focused on AC/DC drive and soft start repairs. We understand that the only way to insure the quality of any repair is the ability to run the unit at full-rated load capacity and test it’s communication functions. We now have the ability to run and test repaired units under full-rated load capacity as part of our quality assurance program. We do this using a motor, pump and valve assembly along with hydraulic fluid as the medium that we move. Our load center is fully adjustable, via 4-20MA signal from the technician’s workbench. It can run indefinitely or for any period of time that is needed to be certain that the drive will sustain it’s full-rated load capacity. Often, there are runtime problems that don’t show up until you have been running under load for several hours, or long enough for the unit to heat up. Our load center will show these failures and allow us to find the cause and repair the problem prior to shipping the unit back to you.
The second phase of our testing procedure involves running each drive in all configurations available while testing it’s communication options. After stringent testing demands have been met, units are set back to factory settings to allow our customers to set-up communication options, and programming suited for their application.

Do you have a unresolved drive or soft start issue? Contact your local TEAMSESCO Regional Sales Manager, or call 1-800-48-sesco for further assistance.